Brain Effing Javascript

Brain Effing Javascript

Javascript has always been fascinating to me in so many ways, because it packs in so many things for a language that has been developed in 2 weeks (there were improvements after that). Look at this


var truthy = true; 
 if(truthy === !+[]){ 
 	console.log("It's Truthy"); 

Put this in the console and it prints the value. It’s ’cause

!+[] === true

javascript interprets the combination of these special characters into actual values. Similary

!!+[] === false

And also you can get numbers like this

+[] === 0 +!+[] === 1 !+[]+!+[] === 2 ....

We can create all the numbers by adding !+[] like that. Using this, if you want your fellow programmer to go mad you can do something like this


var l = +!+[]; 
 for (var i = +[]; i <= !+[] + !+[]; i++) {
 	l = l + (+!+[]); 

with these special character combinations, a complete program can be written in javascript.

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